Powering Your Projects to Success

Strobel's Rental offers a comprehensive selection of construction equipment to tackle any project, large or small. Our inventory is meticulously maintained to ensure reliability and efficiency on your job site. From groundwork to finishing touches, we have the tools and machinery you need to get the job done right.

Delivery and pickup available

Our Extensive Range of Construction Equipment Includes:

  • Augers: Perfect for drilling holes for footings, fencing, and landscaping applications.
  • Bobcats: Versatile skid-steer loaders ideal for moving soil, rubble, and other materials.
  • Compaction: Variety of compaction tools to ensure you get a solid foundation.
  • Concrete Mixers: Ensure a consistent mix every time, vital for structural integrity and aesthetics.
  • Excavators: From mini to full-size, our excavators are suited for digging, trenching, and demolition.
  • Forklifts: Essential for lifting and moving materials across your construction site safely and efficiently.
  • Generators: Provide reliable power wherever you need it, ensuring your tools and equipment run smoothly.
  • Miniskid: Compact utility loaders that offer impressive power in a smaller footprint, perfect for tight spaces.
  • Rollers: Achieve solid compaction for soil, gravel, and asphalt, preparing surfaces for construction.
  • Scaffolding: Safe, stable platforms for working at various heights, enhancing worker safety and efficiency.
  • Tractors: Versatile machinery for a range of tasks, from grading and landscaping to hauling materials.
  • Trenchers: Streamline the installation of pipes, cables, and drainage with our efficient trenching equipment.

... and this is just the beginning. We constantly update our inventory with new and specialized equipment to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry.