Earth Moving Equipment: Precision and Power for Your Ground Projects

At Strobel's Rental, we specialize in providing a robust selection of earth moving equipment to tackle any ground project with efficiency and precision. Our fleet is tailored to meet the diverse needs of contractors, landscapers, and anyone in need of moving earth, preparing sites, or shaping landscapes. From compact jobs to large-scale operations, we have the right tools to get your project done.

Delivery and pickup available

Explore Our Earth Moving Equipment:

  • Skid Steers: Flexible and efficient for moving soil, debris, and other materials, skid steers are essential for various construction and landscaping projects.
  • Skid Steer Attachments: Buckets, augers, breakers, brush mower, grapple, Harley rake, pallet forks, post driver, sweeper, and trencher (essential for efficient installation of pipes, cables, and irrigation systems, trenchers provide precise and effective trench digging.)
  • Excavators: From mini excavators for tight spaces to larger models for major earth moving, our excavators are equipped for digging, trenching, and demolition.
  • Miniskid: Versatile and powerful, these compact utility loaders are ideal for tight spaces and offer a range of attachments for different tasks.
  • Miniskid Attachments: Maximize the versatility of your Miniskid with a variety of attachments: auger, leveler, mower, pallet forks, pipe puller, soil cultivator, trencher.
  • Tractors: Offering power and versatility, tractors can be equipped with various attachments for plowing, tilling, and other earth moving tasks.
  • Tractor Attachments: From mowers to plows, our tractor attachments extend the machine's utility for comprehensive ground care and preparation. We offer angle blade, tiller, mower, and box scraper rentals.

... and our selection continues to grow. We're committed to providing the latest and most efficient earth moving solutions to our customers.