Paint & Drywall Equipment: Elevate Your Finishing Projects

Strobel's Rental offers a comprehensive selection of paint and drywall equipment, catering to the needs of professional contractors, home renovators, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you're painting a room, finishing drywall for a new construction, or refurbishing existing walls, our equipment is designed to help you achieve professional-quality results with efficiency and ease.

Our Featured Paint & Drywall Equipment Includes:

  • Airless Paint Sprayer: Achieve smooth, even coats of paint on walls, ceilings, and exteriors quickly and with less effort than traditional painting methods.
  • Drywall Dollies: Easily transport heavy sheets of drywall around the job site, reducing strain and improving efficiency.
  • Drywall Jacks: Lift and hold drywall panels in place, making it easier to install ceiling panels or high wall sections.
  • Scaffolding: Access high areas safely and comfortably with our stable and versatile scaffolding solutions, perfect for both painting and drywall projects.
  • Texture Machines: Create professional, uniform wall and ceiling textures with our easy-to-use texture machines.
  • Wallpaper Steamer: Remove old wallpaper efficiently and without harsh chemicals, preparing surfaces for a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper.

...and there's more where that came from. Our inventory is constantly updated with the latest tools and equipment to support your painting and drywall needs.