Scaffolding Solutions: Stability and Safety for Every Project

Strobel's Rental offers a comprehensive array of scaffolding solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of any construction, renovation, or maintenance project. Our selection ensures stability, safety, and versatility, whether you're working indoors or outdoors, on residential or commercial properties. With our variety of scaffolding components and accessories, we make it easy to customize setups to your specific project requirements.

Explore Our Scaffolding Options:

  • 5' Frames: Compact and versatile, perfect for smaller spaces or projects requiring lower heights.
  • 6 ½' Frames: A bit taller, offering more reach for medium-height projects while still maintaining ease of assembly and mobility.
  • Aluminum Walk Planks: Lightweight yet durable, these planks provide safe and secure walkways on your scaffold setup.
  • Braces: Essential for stabilizing your scaffold structure, ensuring it remains secure under any conditions.
  • Casters: Add mobility to your scaffolding, allowing for easy movement around the job site without compromising stability.
  • Indoor Scaffolding: Specially designed for interior use, perfect for painting, drywall work, or any indoor maintenance tasks.
  • Leveling Jacks: Ensure your scaffolding is perfectly level, even on uneven surfaces, with these adjustable jacks.
  • Safety Railing: Add an extra layer of safety to prevent falls and accidents, essential for high elevation work.