Seamless Delivery Services for Every Occasion

At Strobel's Rental, we understand that planning an event or tackling a project can be a daunting task. That's why we're committed to making your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible with our reliable delivery services. Whether you're organizing a wedding, celebrating a milestone, or embarking on a home improvement journey, our team is equipped to provide you with timely, efficient delivery and setup of all your rental needs. Let us handle the logistics, so you can focus on what truly matters – making your event or project a success.


​You have a special event coming up. Maybe it's a wedding, a family reunion, a birthday, anniversary, company retreat, or neighborhood bash. Congratulations! Or you may have a home project to do, lawn care or even a construction job to work on.
At Strobel's Rental our mission is to help you pull it off. We've been doing this for a while and have seen it all. We are here to help! Call us, stop in, or email and give us the basic plan up front. We start by answering questions and will ask some so we get the "feel" for your needs.
A plan or project starts coming together. The date of the event and all equipment and services required are booked in our plan and upon receipt of a deposit your plan and ours become one. We rent all types of clean and well-maintained equipment and our services come with complete instructions on how to operate our equipment.
An event or project can become overwhelming for you and we know how to recognize this and can suggest how to make it go smoothly. A huge factor is simply the logistics of how to get all this equipment to your site. Yes, we offer delivery and pickup of all our equipment. This makes it so much easier for you and your helpers. We can haul it safely so there is no damage, nobody gets hurt, and your friends and family can focus on other aspects of the project. Let our experienced and efficient methods and professional helpers do this. Some of our items require that we haul, setup, tear down and haul back. This is our experience preventing problems and ensuring that your event or project goes well!
Delivery requires that a person in charge is at the site when we arrive. The site must be accessible for our truck and trailer to get right to the scene. We arrive on time, ready to work, and may have another job just after yours - the plan has to click. He or she must have the plan ready to execute, which we will have discussed during the planning phase. He or she may have helpers at the ready- we only ask that they be capable and cooperative. Please have the dogs locked away; they get nervous and confused and will want to defend their territory. We have experience with this also, and require the dogs be secured, period. When we arrive, we will get right to work ~ it is too late to do yard work and site preparation ~ please be ready for us!
The person in charge will be asked to count the items and verify that everything ordered has been delivered and is clean, ready, and undamaged. He or she will be asked to sign for the equipment, be given instructions or tips on how to use it, and agree as to where the equipment will be when we return to pick it up.
Our crew will return to pick up the equipment as scheduled. Again, the person in charge must be present and the equipment must be ready as agreed. This part goes very wrong quite often. It is common for us to have to go look for our equipment scattered over acres and beyond. If this wasn't in the plan we have a lot of work to do and we have to charge you for the extra time and labor. We'll gladly get it done, we have to- we still need all the equipment back undamaged. There will be a charge for extra labor, damaged items and missing items. There may also be an additional charge if we have to come back at a later time because we have other appointments. So please let us know in advance if you would like us to take care of the cleanup!
We hope this will help you in your event or project planning and know that we take it very seriously. We are very proud of Strobel’s Rental’s reputation as the best and longest running event rental business in the Great Falls area! We love the great compliments we get from our customers and are looking forward to serving you.