Floor Care Solutions: From Installation to Renewal

Strobel's Rental is your go-to source for comprehensive floor care equipment, offering everything you need to install, maintain, refurbish, or renovate your flooring. With a wide selection of high-quality tools and machines, we ensure your flooring project, whether it involves hardwood, carpet, tile, or linoleum, is completed with professional looking results.

Our Extensive Range of Floor Care Equipment Includes:

Preparation and Installation:

  • Carpet Seamers: Join carpet sections seamlessly for a professional finish.
  • Carpet Stretchers: Tighten and adjust carpets to eliminate wrinkles and ensure a smooth surface.
  • Floor Nailers & Hardwood Nailer/Staplers: Securely fasten hardwood boards and ensure a stable, squeak-free floor.
  • Linoleum Rollers: Achieve optimal adhesion of linoleum sheets to the subfloor.
  • Electronic Staplers: For fast and reliable fastening of underlayment and flooring materials.

Sanding and Refinishing:

  • Belt Sanders: Quickly smooth and level hardwood floors in preparation for finishing.
  • Drum Sanders: Remove old finish and flatten hardwood floors efficiently.
  • Floor Edgers: Sand hard-to-reach areas near walls and corners for a uniform finish.
  • Orbital Sanders: Ideal for fine sanding and finishing, providing a smooth surface without swirl marks.
  • Vibratory Sanders: Excellent for all around floor sanding, Easiest and least risky for all your floor sanding needs.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Floor Scrubbers: Deep clean and rejuvenate tile, vinyl, and other hard floor surfaces.
  • Shampooers: Refresh and clean carpets, removing dirt and stains.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuums: Versatile cleanup tools for removing liquids and debris from floors.
  • Turbo Dryers: Accelerate drying times for freshly cleaned carpets and hard floors.

Removal and Renovation:

  • Floor Strippers & Tile Stripper: Easily remove old flooring, tile, and adhesives.
  • Floor Scrapers: Manually remove residue and prepare floors for new coverings.

Polishing and Finishing:

  • Buffers: Polish and buff hardwood, tile, and other hard surfaces to a high shine.

... and much more. We continuously update our inventory with the latest in floor care technology to ensure you have access to the best tools for your project.